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October 3, 2012

Letter: Finegold fought for public safety money for Lawrence

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Public safety in the City of Lawrence has always been my main concern. Having the honor of serving as chief of the Lawrence Fire Department for 10 years and as a 20-year resident of the city, I have paid special attention to the efforts of our representation on Beacon Hill and what it has been done for Lawrence in this area.

State Sen. Barry Finegold has been our greatest advocate in terms of dollars for public safety. Instead of just talking about the need for more money in the budget for an under-staffed Lawrence Police Department, Barry did something about it and got $631,000 for the department to rehire patrolmen.

He was there for the Lawrence Fire Department when it was applying for a federal great to rehire firefighters. During my tenure as fire chief, Sen. Finegold also supported a state grant program that funded much-needed equipment, such as a thermal imaging camera, for the department, and also supported a law that let fire departments mark dangerous abandoned buildings after six firefighters lost their lives in 1999 in Worcester.

I feel safer with Barry Finegold as our state senator. He is in the city, in our neighborhoods, hearing our concerns and taking action. Barry has and will continue to tirelessly advocate for money and resources for public safety. He is the right choice on Nov. 6.

Richard Shafer