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October 3, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — You go, girl

I would like to tell Elizabeth Skerry just how little her Facebook page would have impacted her ability to get into an Ivy League school, as school officials implied. (”Timberlane student challenges dress code,” Sept. 27.) She is taking action, doing something about a rule she finds unfair. She is an outstanding example of what change young people can enact, and that is something to be proud of, and certainly, as your writer stated, she should mention to her advantage when applying.

Begs to differ

Young Miss Skerry needs to learn the difference between dressing for a party or a date and dressing for school and work. (When did parents lose all common sense?)

Fright list

Thanks to Marilyn Luther for her letter to the editor. (”Election is about competence, not popularity.” Sept. 23.) I asked in a Sound Off call for a list of President Obama’s accomplishments. Marilyn’s list is frightening because they’re not really accomplishments. And I hope that her letter serves as a wake-up call to the voters of the United States.

Reading assignment

The letter to the editor “This election must be about competence” by Nathan Clark of Derry was very well written and very easy to understand. I agree with everything that has been written and I think that very many people do. I urge everyone to read this letter to the editor and then read it again. Tell friends about it and then make a decision to vote in the correct way.

Two points

Elizabeth Warren does look like a very bitter, angry person. And one that I do not trust. As for Mayor Zanni, he must send birthday greetings to everyone that’s over 70 because I got one when I turned 75. I guess his office staff has nothing better to do with their time.

Do-nothing Dems

Sen. Brown passed a bill to stop the insider trading for the politicians. Why didn’t our two Democrats who were in office for years do the same thing? Also, that’s why it’s called the Democratic Party of Entitlements.

Same old excuse

I just read the article on MCAS in Methuen. It’s pretty bad. We’re building a $90 million high school, and for the past few years apparently, they haven’t been able to get the test scores up for the kids at Methuen High. it’s the same excuse: We have new kids coming in. Maybe we need a change of administrators at that school.

Joke’s on Nikki

I’m glad to see that Nikki Tsongas’ campaign manager thinks that the poll that shows Golnik closing in on her is a joke. Come election day, we’ll see who has the last laugh. She’s nothing but a rubber stamp for President Obama, who also thinks that he’s in like Flynn for another term. I hope that people get out and vote and get rid of these people.

Backed up

In Salem, N.H., on the corner of Main Street and North Policy Road, there’s a police officer that directs traffic there. I believe it’s to let the employees of the industrial park out. Well, for the people coming home off of Interstate 93, it gets really backed up. I appreciate that they’re trying to move the traffic along and get the people out of the industrial park. I know that the industrial park pays taxes, but so do I and I would like to get home on time.


Everyone seems to ignore the fact that Obama’s administration is completely corrupt! Is it appropriate for a sitting president to be in bed with the labor unions? Is it appropriate for thousands of labor organizations to be given waivers from the new health care law when others have not? Is it appropriate that he bailed out the UAW while the non-union retirees of Delphi, a parts supplier, lost their pensions entirely? Obama rewards his friends and hurts his enemies. This is not a president to be respected, or re-elected.