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December 25, 2012

Sound Off


Cut Salem taxes

We’ve been told that having a casino in Salem, N.H., would generate $140 million in revenue for the state and 3 percent of that would go back to the town of Salem. As a resident, I would like to know, before I vote, where or what the $4.2 million will be allocated to. Will my exorbitant real estate taxes go down? Many seniors trying to survive on a Social Security check are paying almost half their income for taxes in this town. Something with such a big impact on our town should produce a big benefit to its residents.

Happy holidays!

I would like to express my concern and disgust with the City of Lawrence and their continued poor spending habits. I am currently unemployed and was in Lawrence City Hall handling matters that I needed to handle and overheard that the employees are receiving days off with pay for the day before Christmas and the day before New Year’s. Where are they getting the money for this?

Who’s rich?

I don’t understand all this negotiating on the so called “fiscal cliff.” Obama campaigned on raising taxes on “millionaires and billionaires.” It was all about making the “1 percent” pay their “fair share.” Now the Republicans agree to raise taxes on those making $1 million and up. Obama rejects their proposal and wants to tuck it to those making $250,000 and up. When did the story change?

Union wages

For those non-union members in Michigan or any other state, be forewarned what you get paid now is still because of the unions. Example; If the union is paying $20 an hour and non-union is paying $15, it is only because of the union is there. If the union was absent, you would be lucky if you got just above minimum wage, I know I am much older than you and I have been there, so be warned. You cannot imagine how bad it can get.

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