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December 25, 2012

Obama bent on destroying our traditional values


Last but not least, the corruption and waste in all levels of government are totally out of control. Washington politicians should be paying for their medical coverage like everyone else and reverse all wage increases they vote for themselves behind closed doors. Government employees should not be paid above and beyond the national average; pensions should be reduced to a more reasonable level. And how many appointed jobs have gone to unqualified, overpaid individuals, many of whom never even work, or show up and do nothing.

The bases of our success here in the United States have been trust in God, family, education and hard work. Thanks to our present administration, they are all but totally destroyed

In spite of all the negative aspects that exist in our country and the world today, I am still optimistic that a miracle will occur and restore our great country to its original values as expressed in our Constitution, so help us God.

So, you politicians in Washington, do what is right for the country and not for yourself and your party or you all should be fired.

John L. Cartier


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