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December 30, 2012

Your view: Letters to the editor


Instead of our nation being politically correct, how about moral rectitude? Our country is a predominately Christian nation and freedom of religion has made ours a nation of many peaceful religions. Let us start treating our citizens and other countries around the world in a manner that reflects that fact.

Finally, it occurred to me that wickedness has many assistants, righteousness only one. Where do we go from here?

Harlan Cheney


Arming a few teachers could save lives

To the editor:

I do not believe that everyone in the United States should have a gun or guns. I do have a number of guns with permits in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire for over 40 years. I was a second lieutenant in the Massachusetts Army National Guard and taught weapons training and marksmanship. I do believe that a properly trained and responsible person has the right to possess a weapon.

With that being said, I would like to offer a possible solution to at least minimize the killing of innocent children and adults as we have seen in the last four or five years.

It has been said that the country cannot afford to have a police officer in every single school in America. That is understandable, but here is an idea that could work.

Train one or two responsible and physically fit teachers or other school personnel in gun procedure and marksmanship, arm them and pay them $500 more per year.

These armed persons must be able to react instantly to any intruder who is firing a weapon in that school. They must be able to pull their gun and fire accurately at the perpetrator to disable or kill him or her.

If there are several floors to the school, then you need one armed person on each floor.

The persons selected must be totally committed to intervene, confront and fire that gun at the assailant.

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