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December 29, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Losing respect

Once again we have to read about Chief Solomon whining about how much money the city of Methuen owes him. To hear him tell it, he’s completely innocent in the matter. Did the City of Methuen misspend the police grant? Did the city holler at and browbeat any Methuen police officer? Did the City of Methuen buy the marine equipment from a sister and brother-in-law? Somewhere, somehow a gag order needs to be placed on the chief until this is all settled. The City of Methuen seems to be taking the high road by not speaking about anything. It’s a shame the chief can’t follow suit. I was always taught to respect any and all police officers and firefighters but with the chief of police being in the paper whining and complaining, the respect is going downhill faster then a snowball.

Over the cliff

Anyone paying attention can see that the real scenario is that the Democrats don’t want higher taxes on the 1 percent or 2 percent, they want it on all of us and are counting on the Republicans’ not going along with their unfair tax proposal so that they can blame them when the taxes go up. That’s the Democrats’ plan all along. Promote something that the Republicans won’t go along with and then get the tax increase on 100 percent of the people as planned.

Give them jobs

There is a lot of unrest in the world — Syria, Turkey, etc. — the list goes on and on. These countries where people are killing each other do all have one thing in common and I doubt they realize it. That is the fact that they all have that 1 percent that has it all. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? For example, India and some African nations both have a substantial number of billionaires now. Give everyone a job and you will have no unrest. When we see people in the news rioting and killing it’s mostly during the day. Do we realize that is because they are not working. Give them jobs and a lot of this will be solved.

True colors

I think we are finally seeing Chief Solomon’s true colors. It doesn’t matter who the mayor is, he is basically at war with the people of Methuen. All his talk about serving the people of Methuen? Baloney! Any settlement talks should begin with the premise that he goes away — far away.

No snow

I got up Thursday morning at 6 a.m. in Methuen to the sound of a snow plow pushing rain around the bare streets. I hope the city did not pay for this contractor to push mostly rain with a little bit of slush. Save the plow for when we really need it to push snow.

Spending problem

The Democrats are pathetic hypocrites. They are blaming the Republicans for the likely probability of our nation falling off the fiscal cliff. Yet Democrats refuse to cut any spending, and there is plenty of redundant unnecessary spending as well as totally unnecessary spending across the board. They don’t seem to understand we have a spending problem not a revenue problem. So the Democrats and Obama want to spend more and thusly will raise all our taxes to get exactly what they want. So folks, it is the Democrats that will be to blame when our taxes are raised in January and believe me they don’t care.