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December 30, 2012

Column: Happy New Year? Good luck with that


But, even if things won’t be so grand, remember 18 months ago when the president told us we were going to have to “eat our peas?” I actually love peas – I’d eat a plateful of them – but of course that’s not what the president meant.

He was talking about pain. He even said at the time that we were going to have to “share sacrifice,” instead of his current stance that only people making more than $200,000 need to sacrifice.

In fact, stepping off the fiscal curb would probably be the fairest way for this administration to stop borrowing $3 billion a day to live in the kind of fantasy world that is going to leave our children and grandchildren broke.

But none of that will happen. Only taxes on the rich will rise. Spending won’t be cut in any substantive way.

And people will respond just as they always have to financial incentives. Entrepreneurs will be discouraged from becoming too successful and creating the jobs that come along with that. A larger and larger percentage of the population will become dependent on government because they’ve been told that’s a good thing and they deserve it.

Then it will still be all about who to blame. My guess is that it won’t be Obama.

Taylor Armerding is an independent columnist. Contact him at t.armerding@verizon.net

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