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January 1, 2013

Sound Off

Poor management

Once again the city of Methuen makes the front page for its continued incompetence. They announced that they couldn’t quite figure out how to send the proper bills for ambulance services, costing the taxpayers more than $100,000. Last week they can’t quite figure out how to fix a floor in the firehouse, costing close to $50,000 more than originally budgeted. If there was a law against stupidity, there would be no mayor or City Council. Maybe then we’d all be better off. I want a recount.

Deer drive

I cannot believe a public safety officer would encourage 20 to 30 hunters to do a deer drive on public land — driving deer to hunters using bows to shoot at running deer. Control is a must but what happened to common sense? Have all the arrows that were shot been retrieved or are they out there for dogs and other pets to get hurt?

Deport me!

Ariel Mendez pleads guilty to child rape and will be deported to the Dominican Republic as punishment. I wish someone would deport me there especially during January, February, and March! My guess is he’ll be back this summer, under a different name of course, to continue his baby-raping ways. Remember, it’s not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.

Their mess

Why are we taxpayers tolerating the antics of those clowns in Washington, D.C. as they play games with our financial future so they can keep their seats — and perks — in Congress. If they tried this stuff in the private sector, they would be shown the door so fast their heads would spin. Do we really need to pay millions of dollars every year to keep them in office? They certainly are not doing the job we have hired them for so why should we be giving them a salary? They created this mess and they want us to bail them out — again! I say “no way”! We’ve all had enough. Maybe if we stopped their puffed-up salaries until they do the work we hired them to do, then they would start behaving like adults!

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