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January 7, 2013

Sound Off

Clear windows

The first snow and they are out. You have seen them — the ones who clear the smallest amount of snow from their windshield so they have no clue what is happening around them. And of course there are the inconsiderate ones who leave the snow on the roof of their cars until it turns to ice and blows into other drivers’ windshields. Yes, they are out again!


What in the name of heaven is going on that all of these lifetime bureaucrats who supposedly work for the taxpayers have not paid their taxes — to the tune of millions of dollars nationwide? Is there something special about these people that they can make the tax laws on us but they don’t have to pay the same monies? From Obama’s Cabinet members through Congress and right on down to the little guys in our cities and towns, there seems to be a constant supply of stories of these folks who think they are better than we are so they don’t have to follow the same laws. And boy, are we stupid! We just keep re-electing the same ones over and over again so they can continue their thievery and deception. And if, ha, ha, they are caught they try to get the public to pay for a public defender. Maybe we need to smarten up a bit!

Welfare fraud

I am outraged reading about the 19,000 people of this state who cannot be located and yet still received their EBT cards. When is the state of Massachusetts and those who run it, including Gov. Deval Patrick, going to realize that there is so much fraud with the EBT cards and yet they continue to ignore it. I am sick and tired of working for those who abuse the system. May I remind those in office: You work for us, but seem to forget it. It is time to go after those who are scamming the system Wake up, people of this state and start to demand those in office to do something about it.

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