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January 14, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Dog killed

There is nothing wrong with the New Hampshire law that allows a landowner to kill a dog on their property that is “worrying” their animals. The problem is entirely on the shoulders of the dog owners who did not have the dog on a leash or contained within their yard. They seem to have broken that law! By the time the dog would have had the rabbit in its mouth, as suggested by the dog owner, it would have been too late for the rabbit! Several years ago, two dogs came into my yard in the early morning hours and terrorized my rabbits. The cost to me was nearly $400 for my rabbits as their feet were severely lacerated trying to escape the dogs attempting to get into their hutch. As a long time dog owner, I feel sorry for the dog for the irresponsible behavior of the dog owner.


We have another politician showing his disinterest in doing his job. I was disappointed when Bill Galvin wanted to wait until after the election to look into a clear case of voter fraud. Obviously this was going to affect the results so it should have been looked into before the election. Now we learn the extent of his looking into it was to read the newspaper article in which the accused denied wrongdoing. Are you serious, Bill? Why don’t we eliminate the court system and all the jails because all of the people in them said they didn’t do it? What a joke you are! Why bother with elections? We’ll just put in whichever unqualified friend of Willie’s who wants a job and then we can pull you out of his back pocket to rubber stamp it if someone objects. You are a disgrace.

Shaking our heads

It is with dismay that a vast majority of Eagle-Tribune readers continually read about the antics of Mayor William Lantigua. We are left shaking our heads and wondering who will be that politician who will finally take the bull by the horns and get to the bottom of this cesspool of blatant authoritative abuse. Personally I read article after article and cannot believe a city government is allowed to operate in such a manner without any input or comment from state senators, congressmen, Attorney General Coakley, the governor — no one. The silence is deafening.


As a parent with children in the Methuen public school system, I could not have said it better than the article in the Eagle-Tribune article on Thursday on traditional grades. Many of the parents feel that we should be using traditional grades because we see our children asking why the they have the same grades as the child sitting next to them when they are always in trouble. What do we tell them. Wake up Methuen get with the program and help these students understand.

Union shops

The MBTA is having trouble with the rail cars that South Korea is building. They are behind schedule and the work is shoddy. This is a good example of work that is not organized. Can you imagine where General Motors and Ford would be if they weren’t unionized? They would not be as big as they are now that is for sure. There is a good chance they would not be in business.