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February 7, 2013

Sound Off

No pigs

I cannot believe that they do not want a piggery in Haverhill at the Silsbury Farm because of the smell. It is right next door to the waste treatment plant! Hello? I’d rather smell the piggery.


If you watched Sen. Harry Reid’s interview on ABC Sunday morning, it’s pretty clear to me what the Democratic Party’s strategy will be in the next four years: propose and write legislation that the Republican Party cannot ever accept, then claim obstructionism by Republican legislators by not accepting it, and then blame Republicans for being against the American people. Oh, and before I forget: If perchance some compromise legislation is passed and signed by the president, they’ll take the credit for it.

Class warfare

To the person who thinks that taxing the rich will solve all of the financial woes in this country: You need a shot of reality! My husband and I come from blue-collar families that had parents who worked hard to provide us with the “opportunity” for a better life by instilling in us the value of education. They made many sacrifices along the way. After many years of school, starting our own small business, and struggling like most small business owners, we have a comfortable life — only to be demonized for achieving our goals. Our parents and we took the risks and personal responsibility to get to this point. The endless class warfare does nothing but fan the flames and divide the nation further. If you think France is such a great role model, I will be happy to give you a one-way ticket to your paradise.

Distrust and fear

North Andover High School’s administration has created a complete atmosphere of distrust and fear by letting Coach Rafferty go. Only someone with a cold heart could ignore the message presented by the amazing young men last night. This mistake cannot simply be fixed by telling these players, parents and community members to move on with a new coach. They would be much more inspired if the administration brought back Coach Raff. If the principal and athletic director do not have the guts to do the right thing, then the superintendent and School Board need to step in and investigate what is going on at the high school — in the best interest of the kids.

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