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February 10, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

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---- — Ban all guns, and bullets, too

To the editor:

I favor banning all guns, and bullets especially too, since we’ll be low on bullets long before we’ll ever purge our nation of its nearly 300 million guns. I make no fetish of the Second Amendment. I would repeal it, just as we did the 18th Amendment (Prohibition).

However, the column “A lack of logic on guns kills people,” by Reg Henry is nothing but stupidity dressed up in its Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes.

Let’s start with Henry’s false and misleading analogy to cookies, elsewhere in the world, including up in Canada, people own nearly as many guns as we do but don’t kill themselves and each other at our bloodthirsty rate, just as people in most of the rest of the world people are just as free as we are to buy and eat Oreos and Vanilla Fingers but don’t get anywhere near as fat as we do.

The sad fact of the matter is, we Americans have a sickness in our souls that causes us to kill each other and ourselves, and that causes us to invade and occupy far away nations for no good reason.

As for the Second Amendment being intended, in part, to arm us against tyranny, it seems that Henry has forgotten our history or stubbornly chooses to ignore it. Jefferson said that the blood of tyrants and patriots is the tree of liberty’s natural manure, and good old King George III wasn’t a tyrant. Instead, the Founding Generation worked itself into a paranoid tizzy over what George might do in the future with his power, just as I and a majority of Americans worry about our own government. Just because our government is not tyrannical now is no reason to assume that it never will become so, and history sadly teaches that every good thing man makes slowly slides or crashes into the crapper sooner or later.

It’s just plain flat out stupid to conclude that Washington and the other Founders, or Lincoln, our great second founder, opposed all rebellion against our government simply because they fought this or that particular rebellion themselves, and surely they knew that good men and true patriots will always die on both sides.

On the other hand, I also happen to think that it’s cretinous or pure Ramboesque fantasy to think that the American people could truly fight our government if it ever did turn to tyranny. Sadly, and foolishly, we have allowed our standing army to grow far too large and powerful to ever do that successfully.

Michael Christian


Community support boosted Restaurant Week

To the editor:

When I was first elected mayor of Methuen, I promised our local business owners that I would be a partner in supporting their efforts and moving Methuen’s economy in a positive direction. While I am committed to attracting new businesses to our city, I am equally invested in supporting those businesses that already call Methuen home. This is why I was so excited to work with many of our businesses in rolling out Methuen’s first Restaurant Week.

Working closely with NMTW Community Credit Union, Century 21 McLennan & Co, and the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce, we were able to create an event that showcased almost three-dozen great Methuen businesses. Unlike other communities, Methuen created a Restaurant Week event where participation was free, and each business was given the flexibility to develop its own promotion.

I would like to thank our co-sponsors for helping make this event a success. I would also like to thank every participating business in helping roll out an event where everyone benefited. Finally, I would like to thank all of our residents for supporting our local economy. It cannot be emphasized enough how important the health of our local economy is to our city’s success – and the support of our residents is essential to this success.

Methuen has a fantastic collection of businesses – both large and small. As mayor, I look forward to continue developing ways we can further promote our great businesses.

Steve Zanni



Democrats implement Marx’s agenda

To the editor:

In 1848, Karl Marx wrote “The Communist Manifesto.” It established broad goals for achieving the socialist utopia. Among them were: the abolition of private property; free public education (indoctrination); abolition of “eternal truths”, religion and morality; the undermining of the family forcing reliance upon the state; disarming the populace; state usurpation of private property; a heavy progressive or graduated income tax and the abolition of all rights of inheritance.

Now, I ask you to focus upon how many of these are being put into practice today, and by whom?

The abolition or state usurpation of private property: I direct your attention to Kelo v. New Haven.

Free public education: Need I explain?

Undermining the family: Look at the liberal war on home-schooling, on family values, on morality. Look at the rampant promotion of promiscuity and moral relativism on TV and in movies.

Reliance upon government? Tax the rich? These are all themes in today’s culture.

The liberals in the Democratic Party have accelerated from the nascent progressive movement of the 1900s to fully implementing Marx’s agenda.

We have seen this movie before. Does anyone not know how it ends?

Mark Acciard