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February 10, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


Methuen has a fantastic collection of businesses – both large and small. As mayor, I look forward to continue developing ways we can further promote our great businesses.

Steve Zanni



Democrats implement Marx’s agenda

To the editor:

In 1848, Karl Marx wrote “The Communist Manifesto.” It established broad goals for achieving the socialist utopia. Among them were: the abolition of private property; free public education (indoctrination); abolition of “eternal truths”, religion and morality; the undermining of the family forcing reliance upon the state; disarming the populace; state usurpation of private property; a heavy progressive or graduated income tax and the abolition of all rights of inheritance.

Now, I ask you to focus upon how many of these are being put into practice today, and by whom?

The abolition or state usurpation of private property: I direct your attention to Kelo v. New Haven.

Free public education: Need I explain?

Undermining the family: Look at the liberal war on home-schooling, on family values, on morality. Look at the rampant promotion of promiscuity and moral relativism on TV and in movies.

Reliance upon government? Tax the rich? These are all themes in today’s culture.

The liberals in the Democratic Party have accelerated from the nascent progressive movement of the 1900s to fully implementing Marx’s agenda.

We have seen this movie before. Does anyone not know how it ends?

Mark Acciard


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