EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

February 14, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Kids today

Was it just me or do kids these days just not know how to make money? I can remember the Blizzard of ’78; I was 12 years old. I went door to door shoveling for 13 straight hours and made over $400. While I was out shoveling yesterday I thought to myself if any kids come by I will gladly pay them to get me out. However living in a congested area in Bradford I did not see a single kid out trying to make a buck during the storm?

Great job

We would like to thank Foreman Ray Bradshaw of the Haverhill Highway Department and his front-end loader operator for the exceptional job they did on Saturday when plowing our street. No one has ever given this little dead end street so much attention! Thank you.

Narrow lanes

Every year the plow drivers plow further and further away from the curb. It’s getting ridiculous. Salem Street at Route 28 is normally four lanes. It is now three lanes, but people are still parking on both sides of the street to patronize Jaqueline’s (especially at rush hour). This means that cars traveling to and from Route 28 on Salem Street have to alternate using the one available lane. This in turn backs up traffic on Route 28. All the roads in the city are whittled down to the smallest possible passage. We need to set limits on how far from the curb the blades have to plow.

Just a kiss

It’s me again, the guy who hates Valentine’s Day. Honestly people, it’s not Valentine’s Day I hate. It’s the constant advertising “buy teddy bears, buy a diamond, buy flowers, buy this, buy that and you’ll be her hero.” Blah, blah, blah. Go home on Valentine’s Day, smile, give each other a kiss, and mention how much you mean to each other. It will mean much more.

Open meetings

I see that the City of Methuen once again makes the front page for allegedly violating the state’s Open Meeting Law while searching for the next city solicitor. The new union puppet City Council Chairman Sean Fountain appeared clueless when asked by a reporter about the law. Nice response. “I’ll have to get an opinion on that. If that’s the case, then that’s what we’ll do.” Light dawns on Marblehead. It would be nice if the city had people in charge who were aware of the legal ramifications of their actions. The incompetence is amazing.

Good neighbors

I would like to thank our plowman for coming so promptly to plow us out. We are so grateful to him. My sister and I would like to thank our neighbor and his son for coming over and plowing us out again. The city plow came by after our plowman and plowed us back in. Besides doing our house our neighbor and his son plowed another neighbor’s house. We can’t thank them enough. God bless both of them. We should all take a lesson from them. Charity begins in the neighborhood.

Coach decision

Congratulations to the North Andover superintendent and the School Committee for listening to students, parents and coaches. We did not hear one negative comment or rumor regarding Coach Rafferty. One of the roles of the athletic director is to provide recommendations for hiring or not renewing coach’s contracts. What was Mr. Longley thinking? Can we trust his judgment in the future?