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February 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Custodian

I am so pleased to read in a recent paper about the guilty verdict for Beth Reuter, the custodian in Methuen. This woman does not deserve a job that pays almost $63,000 a year. Her behavior is morally corrupt. This woman is charged with trying to buy cocaine and gets a slap on the wrist, then steals money from her fellow workers and gets her job back. I hope that Superintendent Judith Scannell does the right thing and fires this woman. I can’t understand why the town or the union would back a person like this. There are so many good people that would die to have a job like hers. I’m sure the town could easily find a replacement. Maybe for once Methuen will act appropriately.


Hooray! A judge finally showed some common sense in ordering Beth Reuter to spend 30 days in jail, overruling the DA’s suggestion that she serve no jail time and probation only for stealing thousands from her school custodial union. Now, if the school superintendent can show some courage and fire her for good and not buckle under the threat of Civil Service Commission action from the larcenous custodian as she did previously will justice prevail.


N.H. Gov. Maggie Hassan counts on casino, cigarette tax hike to fund budget plan. I am not a smoker but why “kill the goose that laid the golden egg”? A 30-cent increase in the tobacco tax would certainly have a negative effect on the Massachusetts purchases in New Hampshire. Maggie, why not sharpen your pencil and cut some of the fat out of big government instead. Gov. Hassan, just another tax and spend Democrat.


Why is it that Senator Rubio’s reach for a bottle of water more news worthy than Obama being missing in action when four Americans were being killed at our embassy in Benghazi? He didn’t want to interrupt his trip to Vegas.


It seems that the Haverhill Police are playing favorites with the parking ordinance. For three months a vehicle has been parked or the wrong side of the street in Bradford but no parking ticket has been issued. The police have been called several times; the owner must have a great deal of influence on someone within the city. All I can say is, wake up.

Fine them

The governor put a $500 on anyone driving on the road. Some say we didn’t need it. The only way a person will abide by the law is to hit in him the pocketbook. How many times have we been warned about texing and driving and it will not stop until someone dies or there is a heavy fine. They say our streets are filthy and a garbage dump? Do what some European countries do a heavy fine, soon we have clean streets. Simple solutions to simple problems — or is it too difficult for some.

Too much

I clear the walkway in front of my home on Salem Street in Bradford 90 percent of the time. However, with the volume of snow dumped on the walk by the plows, it was impossible.