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February 19, 2013

Letter: Obama’s promises fall short of truth

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

As usual, our Leaders claims fall far short of truth.

Obama said our businesses have created 6.1 million jobs.

According to the BLS; His job creation numbers are 634,235 TOTAL. Even if you cherry picked the data and only count from the trough in Dec. 2009 the gain is only 4.9 million.

He claimed; “we have doubled the distance that a car can travel on a gallon of gas”

NOPE; he has DECREED that by 2025. But it ain’t looking good.

Obama; “Already the ACA is reducing the cost of health insurance”

Someone please tell the HHS, and the IRS, who said last week that the CHEAPEST family plan under Obamatax will be $20k, and will only cover 65% of costs. They also said that premiums will rise between 85-191% to cover all the mandated overages. AND they exempted kids from employer supported plans, This means that when fully implemented there will STILL be 32,000,000 uninsured. Only 4 million less than BEFORE this debacle.

Obama; we have cut $2.5 trillion from the debt. Well according to the GAO, we are spending more than ever, and will continue to do so. Perhaps he forgot about the 7.9% BASELINE in the budget?

Or, perhaps, like most politicians he lies when his lips move, and he considers a cut to be a promise, unfulfilled to reduce the rate of growth.

Mark Acciard