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February 20, 2013

Sound Off

Tax hikes

How can Gov. Deval Patrick have the audacity to ask for all the raises in taxes when there is so much welfare abuse going on in this state? He calls it a leakage. I think the dam has broken and we are getting swamped. We, the middle class are sick and tired of being asked to dig deep in our pockets to pay more and more when there is so much abuse going on in this state. We keep electing those to office who doing nothing but think of ways to make us pay, when they turn blind eyes to what is really going on behind closed doors. Enough is enough. The people of this state should get in touch with their representatives and voice their concerns.


I thought there had been a law passed that commercial ads were to lower the volume to the same level as the TV program? You could’ve fooled me! But that’s OK, I mute all commercials anyway. I just wish that I wouldn’t be sent flying out of my chair when an ad pops up on the Internet unexpectedly. Commercialism has totally consumed our lives. I am sticking to reading books — paper pages, that is! There are no screaming ads in a book.


I just heard a blip about the president putting in his own bill for immigration reform. It mentions employers doing verification. This has been the law for many years. And we have our own governor who does not believe in enforcing the immigration laws to the point of wanting to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses and pay in-state tuition at state schools. Are they not public officials who take an oath to uphold the laws of this state and country?

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