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February 20, 2013

Sound Off


Good-bye, Glenn Ordway. Good-bye, WEEI. The station is changing from sports radio to a “girly” format. I tuned in to another station after getting fed up with the new format. Interviewing women getting off the subway and asking them why they did not have Valentine’s Day flowers. Get back to sports and get rid of your cheap talk interviewers or find some new listeners. Bring back Glenn.

Start fresh

Most of Methuen is hoping that any settlement talks with Chief Solomon require his departure. Let’s be done with this once and for all. This man has cost Methuen too much money and it’s reputation. Time to start fresh. I will support any settlement talks that rids us of this man.


I want to thank the wonderful couple who helped me when I fell down Monday at the Elm Plaza in Plaistow. I was so nervous that I don’t think I properly thanked them. Thank you both so much for stopping to help me get up. I truly appreciate your kindness.


I was just reading about Beth Reuter, the custodian in Methuen. How can they have her working among children when she was in the mall parking lot buying drugs with her kids in the car with her? Please Superintendent Judith Scannell, do the right thing. Fire her.

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