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February 20, 2013

Letter: Founding Fathers got Second Amendment right


I am sure many New Englanders know that Paul Revere rode to insure that the Redcoats didn’t take the Colonists’ weapons.

Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Castro and King George all seized or tried to seize guns in order to control their populaces. When they got control of the citizens’ guns, they crushed freedom and fostered the most oppressive societies the world has known.

Let us not attack our fellow citizens who simply want to protect themselves. That is their right. We know that the perpetrators of these recent mass murders are insane. Let us address the real problem and help keep these demented souls from hurting others. When a person with a problem wants access to guns, it should be challenged by the local police. In nearly all the recent cases, there were warning signs that concerned the neighbors, associates, family members, peers or police. Developing a practical, effective and yet humane method of separating the potential mass murderer from the public is the only long-term solution. This is what truly would minimize chances of future mass murders and not illegally taking or restricting law-abiding citizens’ guns.

If our society does not find a legitimate way to protect us from the dangerously insane, these horrible crimes will happen again and again.

John T. Kolackovsky


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