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March 12, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Tough job

To the person who made the comment about program assistants. I am a program assistant for Methuen Public Schools. What in insult to call us baby sitters! Come spend one day in my classroom and you will see how hard we work, especially when working with children who are physical — biting, scratching, punching, etc. Our jobs are very important for these children, since we are with them all day and are the ones intervening most of the time. Many times we work physically harder then the teachers! And for a measly $17,000 a year. Get your facts straight before spewing your insults and take a walk in our shoes.

Get real

Why did Obama need a 20-car entourage to go to a restaurant to meet with congressional Republicans? There’s absolutely no way this man can justify needing that many staff or security to go to a restaurant to meet with people. This president needs to get real! Oh yeah, and he’s now cut the $0 volunteer staff doing White House tours to punish the country and save $18,000 a week in Secret Service expenses. Another temper tantrum from Obama!

Weather panics

Has anyone else noticed that all weather forecasters use the word “storm” for all precipitation? The sensationalism, exaggerations and alerts are all so overstated and ridiculous. I still swear the retailers pay forecasters to create panics so we will all rush to the stores. But if you really pay close attention to their terminology and wording, you will realize they are being evasive and noncommittal. The ecology and ozone are messed up. No one knows but Mother Nature. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

Watch your step

Now that the president and the Justice Department believe it is OK to send drones over American soil to kill an American suspected of terrorism without due process, my letters to The Eagle-Tribune will now speak glowingly of our wonderful president and government, instead of being critical.

Your problem

Another coastal nor’easter eroded more of our New England coastline. To the homeowners who chose to spend their money building homes with an ocean view: Mother Nature is back to reclaim what is rightfully hers! So, instead of living full or part-time by the ocean, you can now live in the ocean! Stop asking for my tax dollars to fix what you and your developer created.


Obama’s sequester: It’s his way or the hard way. He’s going to cut programs that hurt us and make life as difficult as possible until he can raise taxes and increase his spending, rather than lower the deficit.

Nobody’s business

Someone wrote that we should say thank you for getting letters from the school about the kids being fat? It’s anybody’s business but me, my kid, and my kid’s doctor. It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money and it’s nobody’s business what my child’s health issues may be.

Fat kids

I do not believe those fat letters were sent out to hurt anyone. In the first place, these were sent to the parents. The kids do not have to know about them and then they won’t be hurt. It is up to the parents to see that the kids eat right. I do not see why we have this problem. All down through history there was no such thing as a lot of fat kids but it has almost become epidemic the past 30 or 35 years.