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March 12, 2013

Letter: Defeat should pull Republicans toward the center

To the editor:

Depending on the different cultures around the world, “violence against women” occurs for several reasons with rates reaching as high as 70 percent in some countries. Gender-based violence ranges from rape to domestic abuse, with acid burnings in Taliban societies, recently on a young girl because she was promoting education for girls, and “honor killings” when girls disobey the strict pattern of behavior that is expected from them. Dowry deaths in India have been an historical abuse of women for ages.

One would think that in America, “violence against women” would not be an issue. But the struggle to get that law reinstated had been thwarted by Republicans until recently when it passed in the House without 130 Republican votes. However, after the bill was signed recently, some Republicans who voted against it are now in favor of it. I wonder if the 2014 election has something to do with the change. Tea party Republicans fought the bill vigorously for more than 500 days, a law to help protect all women and their children from domestic violence. Tea partiers must stop playing one game at home and then changing the rules in Washington.

Perhaps their failure to unseat President Obama has alerted them to the importance of serving the needs of all the people and not just the “no tax” demands of Grover Norquist’s pledge or concern over their NRA ratings. One can expect the toning down of past extreme views since some on the rigid right are finally beginning to realize that America is basically a middle-class nation.

Jo Ross


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