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June 7, 2013

Letter: Can you buy guns on the Internet?

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Letters in the opinion pages of the newspapers demand we pass new laws so terrorists and criminals will be kept from buying assault rifles and other guns online.

It’s correct that certain qualified people can go online and order a gun from Gunbroker, Cabela’s or a gun auction business. Then, by federal law, that gun is sent via UPS to a local, federal-licensed gun dealer, who cannot deliver it until the FBI background check comes back giving the OK.

Where is the wiggle room for the criminal to get around this? It’s just as impossible for him as trying to buy a gun in the gun shop display case?

Anyone other than these legal businesses who attempts to sell online is breaking a number of laws. Homeland Security would have them closed down in hours and people would be going to jail. It would make the front pages of the newspapers, not the opinion page. Criminals are not buying guns online.

Thomas Gray

Salem, N.H.