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June 12, 2013

Editorial: Welcome to the Pats, Tim Tebow

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — There must be a statistician out there somewhere who can answer this question: Has there ever been a professional athlete who has generated so much media frenzy, so much public love and hate, and had such a unfulfilled career, as Tim Tebow?

This week, the Tebow circus descended on our own New England Patriots. Tebow, the former New York Jets second-string quarterback whose onfield persona and personal life has made him a storied celebrity, was signed by the Patriots.

Our beloved hometeam sees something in this quixotic quarterback. Once again, we leave it to the unfathomable mind of head coach Bill Belichick to sort this out for us.

This is a fun and interesting development for the Patriots and for anyone who follows football. It’s been the talk of the sports world. There’s long been a sense among many fans that Tebow has a talent that hasn’t been fully tapped. And there are probably just as many who think that talent has been tapped out.

Sports is nothing if it doesn’t have its rivalries, passions and characters. Tebow has a hearty mix of all of those things. A devout Christian whose birth was something of a miracle, a saintly character in a rough-and-tumble sport that has its fair share of criminals, a talented and strong athlete, a hero in the homeschooling world, a player for two of the Patriots’ rival teams, a Heisman trophy winner.

And now, at least for awhile, he’s the primary experiment in the mad scientist lab of the Patriots, where perhaps they will find the right formula.

It will be fun to watch what happens. Welcome to Boston, Tim Tebow.