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June 12, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Massage mess

If the state of Massachusetts were doing its job, including periodic unannounced, on-site visits, then maybe we would not have this problem. Therapists are supposed to have a license with photo in full view as well as a clean space that meets state regulations and rules. I had a license and business in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and New Hampshire was there every year inspecting and checking. What are we paying these inspectors for, when this happens in three towns just this past month. Clearly, no inspections are being done. Maybe if this is done then the women and men who struggled to go to school would have legitimate jobs and this mess may be cleaned up.

Buzz off

When local towns start spraying for mosquitos with Anvil and Duet, they should ask, Is spraying safe? The active ingredient, Sumithrin, is a neuro-poison. Symptoms of exposure include dizziness, headache, fatigue and diarrhea. The effects are greater for people with respiratory conditions, such as asthma, and other illnesses. There have not been enough studies on the link between Sumithrin and cancer and the endocrine system.

Vanishing wildlife

I remember the Town of North Andover voted in a one-acre minimum for developers. I have never seen this enforced. We allow developers to squeeze as many homes as they can on a piece of land and strip the trees and other greenery that cool this earth, and they destroy habitat for existing animal life. Years ago I had quail and pheasants that ran through my property. Now animals seem to be an inconvenience for our environment. I’m so sad for my grandchildren, their future is nothing but tar and buildings.

Immigration lies

It is very frustrating to listen as politicians tout this new “immigration” bill. They must think we are all morons. As explained by Marco Rubio (whom I used to be a fan of), they will not get welfare or Obamacare, they will have a job, they will pay a fine, learn English, etc.,etc, etc. Most of them are already getting welfare. Are they going to kick them off, and if they do, is the government going to let them starve? Fines, how can they pay a fine when they’re not working? If they have a job when this goes into effect and then lose that job during this 13-year period, are you telling us there will be no public assistance? With regard to Obamacare, do the politicians expect us to believe they won’t get free health care? That’s a joke. Securing the border is allegedly going to start “at some point in the future.” My guess is, before the ink is dry on this bill the “tweaking” will begin to “adjust/clarify” things to reality. If the politicians think this is a good idea, that’s their opinion, but don’t lie to us, it’s very annoying.

Word usage

Although I admire the graduates of Lawrence High Academies and agree graduating helps change the perspective of Lawrence High students, but the word “courageous” is not a word I would use to apply to a simple task of doing what you are supposed to do. Go to school and graduate, not that hard.