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June 12, 2013

Letter: NH Senate should approve Medicaid expansion

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I implore my fellow voters to support Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. In a shameful maneuver to reject Medicaid expansion, the state Senate wishes to “study” it for three years.

When President Obama won convincingly in 2012, the people, we the people, spoke. These voters included those among us who are now unable to pay for medical care. Too many of us are unemployed or restricted to a part-time job (or jobs) or have have a full-time job that does not offer affordable health insurance.

So what happens if New Hampshire rejects — no, I mean “studies” (for three years) Medicaid expansion? We will have turned away billions of dollars which could have helped businesses keep workers. These dollars are guaranteed for three years. Yet the opposition to Medicaid expansion repeats the unfounded worry that the federal government will fail to pay its share.

They also say we need to study this program for three years, when by law we would be free to exit this program at any time.

Back when Medicare was introduced, there was an uproar similar to what you are hearing now from those who wish to block Medicaid expansion. However, I believe in a few years we will also value, and possibly take for granted, our expanded Medicaid as we do Medicare today. So fellow voters, urge your legislators to do the people’s will and not reject Medicaid expansion!

Fred Bates