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August 17, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Noise barriers

It is great that the state of New Hampshire is widening Interstate 93. What would be more wonderful is if they would erect a sound barrier wall behind the Haigh Avenue neighborhood in Salem. There used to be trees that helped with the traffic noise but it has gotten worse since their removal. Yes I-93 was there when we bought 40 years ago. But the noise level was hardly noticeable back then. Since all the construction it is terrible. Please someone, consider this action.

Listening in

This administration is eavesdropping on everyone? That explains why Supreme Court Justice John Roberts used such twisted logic to say Obamacare is constitutional. Obama obviously had something on him and threatened to reveal it. With that kind of power, Obama could be president for life.

Too skinny

I’m so sick of hearing about the pressure on American children to be anorexic twigs! It’s called being a parent! Teach your children well; teach them limits. Teach them to play outdoors instead of sending them to the gym. Take away the “fat-producing” electronics! Teach them to appreciate who they are, not what the latest trend is. What are they doing to kids today with pressure to be skinny and thus resulting in bullying and child suicides. My grandchild was termed obese and was sent to a nutritionist. So now she has a poor self-image and paranoid about eating. When I take her out and I see these scrawny toothpicks running around, it makes me wonder if their bones will snap if they fall. I say American kids today are anorexic not obese. Good job America!


If I hear the word “hashtag” one more time, I am going to scream! Once a catch-phrase is used, everyone must use it too. Marketers inundate us with commercials using these newest phrases. Here’s one for you: “monkey see, monkey do”!

Presidential travel

Every day there are people writing about Obama’s vacation and how much it cost. Before him it was about Bush. Don’t these people realize how crazy they sound repeating the same thing over and over always beating the same dead horse? How would these people expect the head of the richest country to travel, second class? Imagine what the tabloids all over the world would do with that one. They would have the country bankrupt and collecting stamps.

Finish the job

What happen to the work on South Main Street in Bradford? Is the state going to wait until the snow falls, until plows hit the sewers, damage their blades and then raise taxes to pay for the damage? It is still an obstacle course on Route 125 and with school opening in a few weeks the delays will make it harder. There is nice weather ahead. Get out there and finish the job!