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August 19, 2013

Letter: America must return to the road of freedom

To the editor:

We have hundreds of thousands of students graduating from colleges, the majority with excellent skills. But unless they can get a government job and further our president’s march to a socialist society, they may be unemployed indefinitely with large debts and no jobs.

Federal regulations are increasing inflation in prices of necessities such as food and gasoline. The Obama administration cannot control medical support for the American population such as Medicare and Medicaid. Their inability to control fraud and waste results in a combined loss of more than $1 billion a week — since Obama took office, that’s over $370 billion.

Now comes Obamacare and the IRS. This Democrat, socialist-lead government continues to overlook loss control, keeping this program insecure, including the transfer of $716 billion dollars from the Medicare fund to Obamacare. This is just the beginnings of our march to a socialist society and the downfall of America affecting every free American person!

This president’s apparent calculated plan to downsize America appears to be working. All he appears to understand is the socialist line of building Big Government by breaking down the American free enterprise business system. He has added to our huge debt of $7 trillion in 4 1/2 years to a total of $16 trillion owed, much of it to foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and China, our world competitors. Obama has no positive plan in sight.

We should be very concerned about our economic freedom and military defense, as we are becoming a second-class, weakened, debt-ridden country, more like European liberal socialist countries or worse.

We need a major change to get back on the road to freedom and to a strong America. We can do that by voting out all liberal progressive politicians. America as a nation can continue to be great! Not a second-rate nation weakened by the progressives’ evil design! We need to stand up for freedom for all in America, and not fall for anything less!

Ed Brooks


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