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August 20, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Warning

Last week, I was rightly stopped for speeding — 41 in a 30 mph zone — in one of our Merrimack Valley towns. The officer was polite when explaining my violation and took my license and registration. I was given a warning and the officer told me, “Thanks for your service” as my vehicle has state-issued Vietnam veteran plates. I am very appreciated to that officer and will definitely pay more attention to the speed limit.


I wish people would learn to be more patient. Friday, I went to the Haverhill Registry of Motor Vehicles. Of course, they were busy and only had two ladies on. Well there were only two because one had gone to lunch, which she is entitled to. People, of course, were squawking, complaining about there only being two. If you don’t have the time to sit and wait, or don’t have the patience, don’t go! I don’t enjoy waiting 45 minutes to an hour, but I understand the Registry and you should, too! God bless the women who work there.

No more ‘help’

I had my annual physical in late July 2012. The cost for my blood tests after Medicare paid its share was $5.50. I had my annual physical this year in early August. I was billed $118.92 after Medicare paid its share of $2.94. What happened? Is this another example of Obama’s health care bill? We don’t need any more help like this.

Pension woes

Lawrence wouldn’t have a problem with an underfunded pension system if it stopped giving out phony disability pensions.


I think the TV networks needs to cut back on their over-extended hours of news reporting and get back to entertaining people. I think excessive news coverage has a bearing on today’s negative society. There’s far too much sensationalism and now with all the iPhones and tweeting, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame being interviewed or to be the first to get pictures of tragedy. Yes, it is helpful to the police but some things are just unnecessary, giving the evil and weak-minded ideas and feeding into crime. You listen to the same stories repeatedly until you can recite the stories by heart. I am hearing the same news stories on Monday that I heard all weekend.

Weight problem

To the caller “Too skinny”: I don’t know what neighborhood you live in, but most of the kids in the United States are very, very fat. A lot are obese. I see beautiful playgrounds empty. I see fast-food restaurants full. You are right about one thing, though. They need to chuck the video games and useless, mindless, electronic baby sitters.

Liberties lost

We should thank Edward Snowden for exposing the NSA for the gross violations of our Constitution. Call him what you will, but without his revelation the citizens of this great country would not be aware of the extreme violations of our privacy and freedom. What makes this worse and totally disgusting is Obama and the director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, continue to lie, cover up and deceive us as to the true magnitude of the NSA surveillance program. Folks this is Obama’s America, where our liberties continue to be diminished and soon will be non-existent. God save America!