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August 20, 2013

Sound Off


Weight problem

To the caller “Too skinny”: I don’t know what neighborhood you live in, but most of the kids in the United States are very, very fat. A lot are obese. I see beautiful playgrounds empty. I see fast-food restaurants full. You are right about one thing, though. They need to chuck the video games and useless, mindless, electronic baby sitters.

Liberties lost

We should thank Edward Snowden for exposing the NSA for the gross violations of our Constitution. Call him what you will, but without his revelation the citizens of this great country would not be aware of the extreme violations of our privacy and freedom. What makes this worse and totally disgusting is Obama and the director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, continue to lie, cover up and deceive us as to the true magnitude of the NSA surveillance program. Folks this is Obama’s America, where our liberties continue to be diminished and soon will be non-existent. God save America!

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