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August 21, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Fanning flames

What gives with this new resurgence of discrimination and prejudice protests? The ones screaming discrimination are the ones fanning the flames and keeping it going. Slavery, the Holocaust, minorities of ethnicity — let go of the past! It’s ancient and has been overcome. You are the ones embracing the prejudice. My only prejudice is against the news media encouraging and feeding it with their coverage.

Lost trust

Obama lied about transparency, he lied about a video that caused the terrorist attack on our Embassy in Benghazi, he lied about bringing the unemployment rate down to 6.4 percent by the end of hid first term, he lied about Obamacare decreasing the cost of health insurance, he lied about dismantling the terrorists, he lied about the IRS, he lied about the NSA, he lied about uniting the people, It’s no wonder why the world leaders don’t respect or trust Obama. Why would one and how could one trust or respect a leader that lies and deceives his own people?

Too much

No one wants to see people hungry and homeless in this country. But must they be given so much? Free cell phones, cable television, and yes, even tattoos! All paid for on the taxpayers’ dollar. Who has not gone food shopping and seen two carts full of food — like crab meat and roast beef and other luxury food items — all paid for by the taxpayers? I stand next in line with my bologna and cornflakes. Can you blame people for getting infuriated? How about having government-run food pantries where they can pick up their bologna and cornflakes and save the taxpayers some money? This state needs to look at cutting some of these programs. When it reaches a point where these people are not living so well, it will give them incentive to go out get a job. This will result in more people working and create more tax revenue, not to mention the self-esteem that goes along with having a job. Everyone is a winner.

They’re crooks

A caller was wondering how it’s possible that there is EBT card abuse, since he and his wife had a hard time getting benefits because the authorities were so thorough. Well, let me try to explain. My guess is that you and your wife worked most of your life and paid into the system all this time. Well, in the eyes of these so-called authorities, you don’t qualify. Now if you never worked or contributed anything into the system, or you’re a drug addict, then by all means, you’re an automatic candidate to receive all the aid you want. You can buy tattoos, cell phones, drugs or get cash to use anyway you like. I tell you something is very wrong in the heads of all these supposedly educated politicians. Instead of helping the working class that paid its fair share and is now experiencing hard times, they’ll tell you that you made too much to get aid. But if you’re a lazy good-for-nothing, then you qualify. They should lock up the whole lot of them. Al Capone was a crook and they are no better.