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August 27, 2013

Sound Off

Brave officer

I commend the bravery of Lawrence police Officer Patrick Noonan. He could have just let the alleged home invasion suspects get away but he put his life on the line to apprehend the suspect. Lawrence is the wild West; we not only need to round up these kinds of guys and send them away but we need to find ways to deter this kind of activity. Eliminating state benefits for all people convicted of violent crimes may be the best deterrent.

Blaming government

To the called “Get them jobs”: Did you really blame liberals because three kids killed a jogger in Oklahoma? Really? Wow. Get a life. I wish people would stop blaming the government for everything. They were evil and would have killed someone no matter who’s in office.

Enough football

Three nights in a row of football on one channel and it’s only August! Not everyone is a football fan. The alternate channels do not offer much better options. Tell me again: Why do I pay for television?

Marijuana clinics

Doesn’t anyone find it odd that in this era of urging people to give up smoking now they want to bring marijuana clinics to the public under guise of it being a pain-killing medicine? With a doctor’s prescription you can get pain-killers and if in the hospital for severe pain, you can get morphine. It is a guarantee that, once these places open, a big problem will be sure to follow. There will also be a percentage that will use this product that will go on to stronger drugs and then will be hooked. Be careful what you wish for — you may get it.

Double standard

So Jesse Jackson “frowns upon” the racist killing of Christopher Lane in Oklahoma, but the Trayvon Martin killing was to be held to another standard. And where is our president and what are his comments this time? What hypocrites these liberals are! When it fits their agenda they are right there running off at the mouth. The silence is deafening when it doesn’t! This is so much more despicable than the Martin killing — at least that was partially self-defense and defensible by law. This was an all-out hunt and kill by those three boys and I can’t see any reason to give them less than the death penalty.

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