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August 27, 2013

Sound Off



It is becoming more evident that Syria has used weapons of mass destruction on its own people. Where did they acquire these weapons? Remember the huge convoys of trucks leaving Iraq being tracked by our satellites heading for an unknown destination just before we got involved in the Iraq war? Remember U.S. intelligence strongly suspecting Iraq processed WMDs? It’s now possible that perhaps our intelligence was correct. Could it be that Bush was right and Iraq simply moved those WMDs to Syria? The question still remains: How did Syria get procession of WMDs and what country was the source? Interesting, and serious food for thought.

Lost grants

Well Methuen councilors, you’ve done it again — eliminating and cutting hours for positions in the Health Department resulting in our losing grants. Well, I will not be voting for any incumbent who voted for cutting the Health Department. I especially will not be voting for you for mayor. I didn’t agree with this at the time and I’ve been proven right.

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