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September 2, 2013

Sound Off

Double standard

I am sick to death of liberals accusing those who do not support our president of being racist, as if this is the only possible reason why they aren’t Obama fans. This is playground bullying at its finest coming from adult, supposedly somewhat intelligent, people. It is insulting, narrow-minded and, ironically, racism in and of itself. Perhaps these disrespectful bloggers should take a look at some of Obama’s policies and philosophies as a few reasons why so many don’t support him, not the color of his skin. These so called “intellectuals” feel free to bash Bush and Reagan all day — accusing Bush of being a murderer and making fun of Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease. That is supposedly OK. But criticize Obama once and you are a racist.

Poverty programs

Since Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society agenda in 1965 this nation has spent an estimated $17 trillion on the war on poverty. That is over $54,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. What do we have show for it? Not much. There are more people now dependent upon government than any other time in this country’s history. The social programs of the Democrats and Johnson has only enabled poverty. But if Johnson used this definition of poverty he might have hit his mark: True poverty is not about a lack of money. It is about a lack of work ethic, a lack of valuing education, a lack of family connections, broken families, women having children out of wedlock, and addiction. How much more money are we going to throw away?

World’s police

When did the United States get designated as the world’s police? If the people in Syria or Egypt want to kill their neighbors, what business is it to us? They are not attacking us directly. We have no business getting involved in their internal affairs. We have enough problems here. We should not be involved in their domestic problems. It’s none of our business. Fix things here first!

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