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September 6, 2013

Sound Off

Paper tiger

Now that Obama has painted himself into a corner with his “line in the sand” rhetoric, the United States is now being perceived as a “paper tiger” by much of the world.


Shame on Methuen Mayor Steve Zanni for using the City Council meeting to campaign against Jennifer Kannan. He should have got the hook and been dragged out. He had his chance to talk about the drop in the bond rating and was quoted in newspapers about it. His answer stunk the first time, so he got a script and stole a stage. Get it right the first time Steve or step out of office.

Free lunches

I read that the city of Boston will be providing free lunches to all school children. They will not ask parents to fill out applications to qualify for this free benefit. The reasoning is that they do not want to ask “invasive questions to our low-income families.” That’s a quote from Mayor Menino! This is being financed by a federal government experimental initiative. Well at least there won’t be any fraud involved.


If it’s not someone complaining about their neighbor’s lawn that needs to be cut then it’s someone complaining about the lawn mowers and hedge cutters being too loud — or my favorite, children screeching too loud (as if they didn’t screech as children). I have a simple solution. Move out of suburbia and move to the sticks. Oh wait, the birds may be too loud and the trees might not look pretty enough.

Dog walking

It is frustrating to see dog owners and their children walking dogs and allowing them to do whatever they want on my property. I work hard at taking care of my lawn so it annoys me when you or your child allows your dog to pee on my grass. What I would like to know is why aren’t you walking your dog on your own property and not on mine? We all have large yards in this neighborhood so it should not be a problem. Furthermore, if you think it is OK to let your dog use the part of the lawn that supposedly belongs to the town, I disagree. The town has never mowed it, fertilized it, weeded it, nor picked up cans and bottles that people dispose of. I do it all. It is my property. Take your dog for a walk on your own property.

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