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September 6, 2013

Letter: We need decisive presidential leadership

To the editor:

This extreme presidential left turn in our government has surprised even many moderate Democratic and independent voters who had backed President Obama four years ago for moderate change. Our country remains still divided after the election. Indecisive presidential leadership is the rule of the day on decision making!

The president continues his constant past undermining of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by making decisions by executive orders and not consulting the Congress. This is a real danger and abuse of presidential power with loss of our freedoms. These extreme regulations on business, along with uncontrollable national spending and the move to part-time work caused by Obamacare, will stop freedom in our country through a lack of jobs, high interest rates and less creativity.

We continue as a country dependent on foreign countries for all other commodities as we send our wealth of resources of energy, metals, and agricultural products to foreign countries. This causes inflation, raising costs on Americans and will in the future cause huge product shortages in America with inflated costs for food, gas and energy products.

Presidential leadership is needed! We need decent, honorable, moral, God-fearing politicians to step up with courage and preserve the nation by stopping the overspending and selling out to socialist policies which bring the loss of our personal freedoms! These freedoms were established in America in 1776 in the documents of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Freedom was gained and paid for in American blood, for all of us. Freedom is not free.

Ed Brooks


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