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September 7, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Fast-food strike

Regarding the low-wage employees picketing fast food businesses: I do and don’t agree with them. Everyone knows that these fast food and some other retailers are low-wage employers. It was your choice to work there. They are considered start-up or fill-in jobs and that is how they pay. But stop and consider what is happening to the average middle class worker. Wages have dropped immensely with the economy as an excuse when in fact we all know it is corporate greed. They discovered by hiring illegal immigrants or cutting down to part-time jobs, they are saving on wages and benefits thus fattening their own pockets. Time was a company would do anything to keep a loyal and productive worker. Now they can get someone younger and cheaper. Middle-age discrimination has caused the decline of aging Americans. Once I hit 50 years old, my wages dropped by over $10,000 year. I have never been able to find even $15 an hour again.


Once again, Methuen City Councilor Jennifer Kannan seems determined to put her foot in her mouth. She is trying to upstage Mayor Zanni by implying it was his fault that Moody’s downgraded Methuen’s credit rating, when in fact he wasn’t mayor during the time Moody’s was using for the downgrade.


It use to be nice to walk the trails along Fish Brook, Bald Hill, Deer Jump Reservation, Rafton Reservation. Now all you do is pass hunters, see their stands in trees and cameras all over the place. And in another month you get nervous to walk with your children or a loved one or your dog. Enjoy what those areas were made for, to preserve what we are losing — scenery, wildlife and being one with nature. I just hope the hunters are more ethical this year, rather than laughing about deer that were not recovered, planning drives or just flinging arrows. Safety first.


Methuen city councilors fail to reappoint a dedicated solicitor, fail to fund the position of a health director due to their ignorance, personal agendas and dark politics. See you at the polls!

No war

To the lawmakers who represent me in Congress: I do not support bombing innocent civilians in hopes of getting a few bad guys. I don’t favor putting weapons in the hands of al-Qaida. I do not want more terrorists to target the United States because we got involved in an Arab conflict. And more importantly for you to know, I vote.

Blame others

In response to the comment that “Bush lies” are causing the Syria situation: Are we sure that the state the country is in and now this Syria mess under President Obama’s administration isn’t because of something that Thomas Jefferson may have said or George Washington may have done during the Revolutionary War? It certainly can’t be attributed to President Obama!


Can somebody refresh my memory? Wasn’t our illustrious secretary of state the one who always stood up against any talk of war that came from the administrations before this one? Now, suddenly, the tried-and-true flip-flopper has flipped and flopped with his decision that we now need to strike at Syria. What a guy!