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September 8, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


In the meantime, our only truly steadfast ally in the world is Israel. They will have the military resources to intervene if directly threatened which I doubt they will be and we have the military power to contain the civil war combatants if they wanted to export their war.

Last time I checked, Syria was embroiled in its own civil war. I wish them Godspeed in resolution.

In the meantime, without a functional Congress and respected president, the United States is well-advised to pass on this one.

Joe D’Amore


Stay out of others’ civil wars

To the editor:

For 10 years, liberals have been telling us we could not trust intelligence that was laid out before the public’s eye prior to going to war with Iraq. Now those same people tell us we must trust the very same intelligence sources but this time they won’t show us. They are convinced. I doubt they would have accepted that relaxed standard from George W. Bush.

For 10 years, they have told us that there was no reason, no national interest, in going to war in Iraq. In Libya, Egypt, and now Syria, there is not even the fig leaf of national interest — they are sectarian civil wars. Yet they are beating the drums of war.

They derided Bush for “Mission Accomplished”, but defend Obama’s juvenile red line challenge.

In 2002, we had reports from nine countries’ intelligence services that Saddam Hussein had WMD and was working to get a nuke. That was not enough. Now, we cannot even be sure who set off the sarin gas, and we must go to war immediately — or we can wait a month or so for Congress ... and it won’t be “boots on the ground” ... unless it is boots on the ground, after the limited strike fails to shock and awe.

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