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September 8, 2013

Column: Consideration of attack on Syria raises many questions


However, he predicted that the Democratic-controlled Senate would “rubber stamp” the request but that the House vote will be very close. Considering that support for military action doesn’t line up by party or ideology, I’m going to predict that unless something happens in the interim to make sense of all the typical Middle East complexity, the vote will be “no.” This will give Obama a way out of the “red line” challenge that he obviously didn’t think through before he flexed our country’s muscle, then backed down.

It’s too late to worry about saving America’s face; we lost our credibility when we re-elected a weak, incompetent, foolish president. Until we are beyond this unfortunate era of our history, we can’t pretend to be the superpower we once were. We aren’t even leading the world by shining example anymore.

Barbara Anderson is executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation and a regular contributor to the opinion pages.

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