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September 18, 2013

Sound Off

Miley Cyrus

I just read where the FCC received 150 complaints in regards to Miley Cyrus’s obscene performance at the MTV Music Video Awards. It is appalling that more parents did not complain. What is wrong with you? And people wonder why this country is morally bankrupt? For you not to be outraged is despicable. Children today get enough of a steady diet of filth in movies. Lack of interest in complaining is opening the door for an act more graphic by some moron in the future!


It’s one thing for Obama to embarrass himself as president. That’s to be expected from an over-his-head-community organizer. To embarrass the United States in the eyes of the international community is reprehensible.

How to hate

OK, all you Obama bashers, let’s hear it how it is Obama and Mrs. Clinton’s fault, Oh no, wait! President Obama and Mr. Kerry. It is their fault that a gunman launched an assault at the Navy Yard and killed 12 brave heroes. They were just slaughtered because the president didn’t do his job and watch everyone and every place in the whole world. For shame, for shame, for shame! What else do you want to hate the president of the United States of America for? Come on, I am sure you can find something else to carp about! Next you will be blaming the president for your children not learning in school. But I am sure that you can at least teach them one thing — how to hate and be sore losers. God bless America.

Navy Yard

And the beat goes on. The NRA refuses to budge, the gun freaks must be appeased and America continues to tolerate mass killings — hardly typical of an exceptional nation. Isn’t it ironic that gun ownership is for self-protection and yet it causes more deaths than it saves?

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