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September 20, 2013

Sound Off

Income lost

The five demographic groups that were crucial to Obama’s re-election have suffered the most under his economic policies. The income of single women has fallen 7 percent; young voters, down 9.6 percent; blacks, down 10.9 percent; Hispanics, down 4.5 percent and those with less than a high school diploma, down 6.9 percent.

Voting lists

I often wonder if the U.S. Justice Department were to purge the Lawrence voting list of ineligible registered voters, would the outcome of city elections change much.

Gun control

Bravo on Wednesday’s editorial. All the gun control in the world would not have prevented these shootings from happening. Diligent government work would have. In every case, after the disaster, we hear about all of the tell-tale signs that were ignored by the very folks that our tax dollars are paying to protect us. Instead they try to take away rights that good citizens have fought and given their lives for. When will they stop attempting to calm the public with talk of safety by laws instead of deed?

Real story

How long is it going to take for the real story to come out about what’s going on in the Plaistow Police Department?


The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are out-numbered by those who vote for a living. There’s no better example than the 48 percent of voters in Lawrence who voted to keep the current mayor in power.

Mentally ill

For all the left-wing liberals who want to take away the guns from law-abiding citizens. Don’t you realize that all the mass murders of all those killed in the last few years where done by people who were insane? This last one in Washington should never have had a gun. He used his gun in the past, shooting out tires, shooting up through a ceiling, and yet nothing was done about this man. When is this government going to do something about the mentally ill? In the 1970s, the liberals let all those in mental institutions out roaming the streets putting all of us in danger. This last shooting goes to prove that this man should have been sent away for treatment. The government turns its back on those who are mentally ill.

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