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September 20, 2013

Sound Off



Lawrence does it again, voting for the current mayor who has brought nothing but corruption, failing schools and decreasing property values to a once proud city. To continue to vote for a man of such questionable character and values, who often is out of the country, shows alarming judgment. Ever wonder why so many are flocking to surrounding cities?

Bush and Iraq

We all remember “Nukular” George! He’s the guy who tried to convince us that Iraq had WMD capabilities. He managed to put thousands of boots on the ground. There were no weapons of mass destruction but 4,486 kids were sent home in coffins. Now let’s get back to bashing Barack, the guy with a conscience.

Miley Cyrus

I didn’t have to complain to the FCC about Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Award performance because I didn’t even tune in! I am already outraged and find no value in such activity, so I was not subjected to her antics. Maybe others thought ahead as well. If we all stopped watching the content would change.

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