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October 1, 2013

Sound Off

Don’t blame Obama

For years one of the staple anti-government slogans at tea party gatherings was “Shut down the government!” And just this past week the Republican House of Representatives and a few Republican senators led by Ted Cruz threatened to shut down the government Oct. 1 unless Obamacare is defunded. Now all of a sudden, when Thursday’s Wall Street Journal poll showed 80 percent don’t want a shutdown over Obamacare, these same folks are horrified at the thought that the government might shut down and — surprise! — they now blame Obama if a shutdown happens. Do they really think the public is that stupid?

Obama’s shutdown

Why is called hate when citizens get together and object to a government that is ignoring the will of its people? The greatest democracy in the world gives its citizens the right, and I might add the obligation, to protest actions by elected officials that may harm this country and its citizens. That is what this nation’s founders intended and the reason Congress was created — to give the people not only a voice but also power. The people’s representatives disagree with the president and feel he has an obligation to negotiate with them. That is not the reason the government may be unfunded. The president has decided on this action. The majority of people do not want the Affordable Care Act in its present forms and its funding needs to be negotiated

Vote for Jamie

I hope everyone votes for Jamie Atkinson for Central District councilor because he is respectful, works hard and always tries to help residents. He may not always make the popular vote, but he votes what he believes is right. Vote for Jamie!


What an example of leadership. Jennifer Kannan wants the Health Department in Methuen to be run like Lawrencs’s. Lord have mercy. Steve Zanni is trying to saving the taxpayers in Methuen money, but with Jennifer’s way of thinking, we could be headed the other way. I’m sure Jennifer is a very nice person, but it takes more then being nice to run a city. Steve you just have to smile a little more. I just saw the article about Methuen enforcing crosswalk violators. It’s too bad that Haverhill doesn’t not do the same thing. I saw a person almost get hit in a crosswalk and there was a Haverhill cruiser on the side of the road. I don’t know what the officer was doing, maybe drinking coffee because he didn’t do anything. When I reported almost getting hit I was told that the police could not do anything because they have to see it to do anything. In that case weed need 5,000 police officers to watch all the crosswalks in the city, including shopping centers. Now what I do is push a cart and if they almost hit me I hit them with the cart first.

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