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October 3, 2013

Sound Off


I just saw the article about Methuen enforcing crosswalk violations. It’s too bad that Haverhill doesn’t do the same thing. I saw a person almost get hit in a crosswalk and there was a Haverhill cruiser on the side of the road. I don’t know what the officer was doing — maybe drinking coffee — because he didn’t do anything. When I reported almost getting hit I was told that the police could not do anything because they have to see it to do anything. In that case, we need 5,000 police officers to watch all the crosswalks in the city, including shopping centers. Now what I do is push a cart and if they almost hit me I hit them with the cart first.


We should vote out all Republicans in New Hampshire. The Republicans have been saying for years they will shutdown the government. Kelly Ayotte was suppose to be an “independent thinker.” Yet, she blindly follows the extremist tea party. I am out of a job today. Will Ayotte pay my mortgage? She is still getting paid.

Taxpayers win

This government shutdown is great! Look at all the money we’re saving by having all those useless civil servants who are spying on us, abusing the IRS, upping the insurance on homes that aren’t in the flood plain, and running guns to Mexico stay home. Maybe they’ll be home long enough for us to save enough money to reduce the deficit so our grandchildren won’t be stuck paying for the liberal Democrats’ misguided social programs. Way to go, Congress!

Bratty child

The Republicans don’t get to shut down the government because they are unhappy with the results of democracy — especially when they’ve been napping through the whole democratic process. Either wake up and meet your job requirements, or get out. The government shutdown is akin to that one bratty child we all knew growing up who flips over the table when he’s losing at Scrabble, ruining the game for everyone. How are these people still getting paid?

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