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October 10, 2013

Letter: These aren't the Democrats we once knew

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

As Obama cries yet again: It’s not me, it’s them. The government grinds to a halt. Who would have believed that it would be the Republicans that would demand a level playing field for the middle class and the Democrats who would deny it?

The last offer from the Republicans was fairly simple: If your glorious plan is good enough for the people who fund it then it is good enough for the people who wrote and enforce it. Obama said no. It’s understandable: My God, they are being asked to live by the same laws they made for us common folk.

They expect special treatment not only for themselves but for their staff. The people who mail Nancy Pelosi’s letters, or make Harry Reid’s coffee for him in the morning get perks denied the rest of us. I would like to believe that old-school Democrats would be outraged at the gesturing of these political imposters but so far they have remained silent.

These are the new Democrats who rule America. They are not the party we grew up with. These are the self-proclaimed elite who cruise the talk show circuit, take $100 million vacations while under sequester and scoff at EBT card abuse from their estate in the Hamptons.

These are the New Democrats of America. These are the aristocrats. They spend taxpayer money like it was their own, like they earned it.

The real blame for shutting down the government lies squarely on the shoulders of the president and his band of misguided, democracy-starved freeloaders. Send a message. At the mid-term elections, no Democrat left in office!

Leo LaCroix