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October 12, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Need Zanni

Voters of Methuen, education and experience are what counts, not the smiles and family ties to local government. We need Steve Zanni to carry on the business of what’s important not someone who will owe favors to unions, friends and councilors who want her business.

No fault

First, I am not a police officer or a family member of the Haverhill police officer. I want to say the man’s death at Silsby farm is sad, yes. Is it the officer’s fault? No. I’m sure any call about an adult who is not home from work less than many, many hours is told that it is department policy to have to wait a certain number of hours before police involvement. There must be a department policy. What I don’t understand is there is a caretaker for the farm. Why did they not go look for him immediately. So do people want that person fired for not going over? People have to remember that life has things that happen and at times it’s no one’s fault. It’s just life.

Back to work

So now, all of these self-serving politicians are going to pay all of the people that were furloughed back pay. Why don’t they just put them back to work and restore the services and open the national parks and memorials. Instead they want to punish the poor guy who has worked and saved all year long to take his family on a vacation to a national park or memorial and make it as painful as possible for the people who paid for these parks. What do they care about hard-working people? They have no idea what the real world is like, although come election time they put on a good act. They live in a bubble in Washington and are off on vacation more than they work. What’s going on at our parks is disgusting. Put all the furloughed people back to work and restore the services for the taxpayers. Then they can continue playing their games in Washington.

Lost greatness

Are we now living in a third world country? Our federal government is shut down, school bus drivers walk off the job with no warning, people out for an anniversary celebration are accosted and beaten for no reason, the city of Detroit is just one of many cities in bankruptcy, people are being killed at an alarming rate in Chicago | the list goes on and on and on. What have we lost, where did it go, and how do we get it back? How have we allowed these things to happen? Scary, isn’t it? Does anyone think we will ever reach our former greatness and courtesy or is it gone forever?

Time to go

Obama orders the Park Service to make the shut down as painful as possible. Armed guards disperse World War II veterans from seeing their memorial in an open air park! But Obama approves an illegal immigrant rally in the same closed park! Time to go, Barry.


I don’t think it is hypocritical to have a position you believe is right and be willing to adjust it only through a good faith negotiation. I do however think it is hypocritical to refuse to negotiate and say you are willing to but only if the items in contention are taken off the table. As the previous contributor notes there is definitely double-speak here but only by the president and current administration, in my opinion. Double-talk is so offensive to me and I would bet many others.