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October 22, 2013

Sound Off


It really amazes me that Mayor Stephen Zanni and his followers keep bashing Jennifer Kannan regarding family ties to the police, fire and school departments. No one seems to ask or care that the mayor has several very close friends (probably closer than some family members) that certainly have his attention when it comes to being needy. It’s not considered a conflict of interest because they’re not blood relatives, however; it’s still quite similar and he does not separate himself from the occurrence. At least Kannan is open and honest regarding what she plans to do in the event that family members are involved. “Methuen can be better” with Jennifer Aziz Kannan as our mayor on Nov. 5.

EBT use

I was at a convenience store the other day when a woman with three small children was trying to buy $20 worth of Cheetos and soda and wanted to add $10 worth of lottery. When the clerk told her she couldn’t use her EBT for lottery she turned around took money out of the ATM from her EBT and went right back and bought the tickets. She then proceeded to take her Cheetos and her three kids and walk across the street to a motel. Do you think she voted for Mitt Romney or Scott Brown?

Bridge traffic

Seems that folks from the Haverhill side of the new bridge going into Groveland are unsure when it is safe to get to the bridge. The drivers coming from Groveland end do not use blinkers to indicate if they are going to Groveland Street or Lincoln Avenue. The drivers on the Haverhill end both have stop signs. So shouldn’t the ones coming from Groveland have some protocol for which direction they are taking? There’s no rhyme or reason to it all.

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