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October 22, 2013

Letter: Support Zanni for mayor in Methuen

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Like most residents, I expect our local elected leaders be responsive to the concerns of citizens. This particularly applies to opportunities that save taxpayer money while maintaining services. Watching Jennifer Kannan’s performance at the recent mayoral debate, I am amazed by her claim to be working on behalf of the citizens — claims that run contrary to reality.

When Mayor Zanni proposed privatizing the city’s IT Department, it was clear that the benefits were great. So impressive were the savings that a group of residents spent an icy December weekend collecting over 50 signatures from voters expressing their support for privatization. Another dozen residents spoke in support of Mayor Zanni’s proposal at the Jan. 3 public hearing. Despite the overwhelming support of the residents who chose to weigh in, Councilor Kannan turned this issue into a political football and killed an idea that would have been great for our city.

The fact is that Councilor Kannan voted twice against privatization. In both instances, Mayor Zanni was proposing dramatic cost-savings while maintaining — if not improving — the efficiency of government. Councilor Kannan shirks responsibility and faults Mayor Zanni for not “selling” the council on this proposal. She takes this a step further, suggesting that his inability to “sell” to the council is why she is running for mayor.

How many constituents are needed to “sell” Kannan on what’s right for our city?

While Councilor Kannan has been unable to articulate what she intends to “sell” as mayor, I am comforted by the leadership and results Mayor Zanni has been able to produce. From negotiating $1 million in annual health insurance savings, to saving $100,000 a year by privatizing City Hall custodians, Mayor Zanni has accomplished a great deal for taxpayers. It is because of his accomplishments that Mayor Zanni can count on my vote.

Laura Walta