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October 25, 2013

Sound Off

Prompt action

I wish to thank the Methuen traffic control officer who promptly returned my call the other day and his prompt response to placing a road sign on my street. For several years I have been concerned about a group of children playing on my street that dart out or cross without looking. And never is there a parent in sight! I have had a couple of close calls with these kids and I drive at a crawl being aware of this danger. Now this street has become a race track with a high increase in speeding traffic. I am worried this is a fatality waiting to happen. I called about this concern and by the next day the Methuen Police Department had placed a road sign with speed control and a children in area warning. I am relieved the police are vigilant and hopefully will be watching. Thank you again to this diligent officer.


I read that Sweden, with socialism, has the highest living standard in the world. Also their industry ranks higher than the U.S. So who are we to constantly criticize them? Of course I realize they maybe criticizing us, too, with our 1 percenters and millions on welfare and the shrinking middle class. But it is what it is.

Road work

Can anyone tell me when the off-ramps on the highways will be completed? Seems like the highway department begins the road repairs, then disappears for weeks without finishing them. Will they be done before the snow falls, or do we have to wait until spring? The Route 125 connector and the ramps have been half-done for weeks now. What’s up?

Buck’s call

I agree with the comment on World Series announcer Joe Buck, I thought they were suppose to be unbiased when reporting. Joe Buck and his partner should be taken off the series. It’s pretty bad when you have to shut the sound off and just watch the game because of their comments.

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