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October 29, 2013

Sound Off

Ask Romney

I don’t recall any problems with the website when Romneycare was passed. Maybe Obama should have called Mitt Romney to ask him how he did it.

Getting old

As a registered independent I can not believe I am hearing that the Republicans do not agree with the president because he is black. Again? Isn’t this getting old? Maybe they look at the issues objectively and do not see that this administration is on the money with job creation, the economy (how many people are on welfare, not to mention the debt) health insurance (Obamacare is a mess), and other issues too numerous to mention here. To me any many others it seems quite the opposite. And the government shutdown. In my opinion both sides are to blame. I will not vote for anyone who is in office now, no matter the party. If they can’t compromise for the good of the country out they go. I am tired of hearing each side blame the other!

Flag design

The proposed flag redesign for New Hampshire looks like something from the Peoples Republic of Nowhere. The flags of the different states should look different because each state is unique. Please tell me the state paid for that design.


Attention Methuen voters: Did you read in Sunday’s Eagle-Tribune “Zanni and Kannan on the record” where Jennifer Kannan said her greatest strength was “negotiating skills?” Interesting in that she will delegate this major mayoral responsibility to an underling because of the conflict of interest she would have because of her relatives on the police, fire and school department payrolls.


In 2011, I voted for Zanni for mayor and in 2013 Jennifer Kannan is getting my vote. In the last two years, Zanni has showed true arrogance and poor communication with the people and taxpayers of Methuen especially the rude and childish people he associates with that look down at other ordinary people when they don’t agree with on certain issues.

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