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November 4, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Obamacare

So your health plan has been cancelled and you’re being moved into Obamacare. Exactly what did you think was going to happen? Obama said from the beginning that he wanted to “redistribute the wealth.” That means taking from those who work and pay their own way and moving it to the deadbeats and slackers. That means he needs to move millions of paying people from their desired health plans to his government plan so he can redistribute. So he fixes the law so that this happens. All of you who voted for him are now beginning to see what the rest of us saw years ago.

Sick of politics

I am so tired of reading all this political stuff. I choose not to vote because I believe there are no honest politicians. They may try to be honest but things change when they get in office. Therefore they shouldn’t make promises they know they can’t keep. I can’t wait for his stuff to be over with!


Who do I have to talk with to get a police officer to sit at the intersection of Amesbury Road and Amesbury Line Road, Monday through Friday, between 2 and 2:45 in the afternoon? I don’t even have to look at the clock. I can tell by the squealing and screeching tires that Whittier Tech is out! Why do these idiots have to do this? I’m certainly not impressed! How long before someone seriously gets hurt or crashes into a house again?


I can’t believe what I just read. We need a hearing for a bank employee to determine restitution? There was $ 235,000 taken out of the bank, $235,000 goes back in. There, hearing over!


How in the world can the Democrats even begin to blame the Republicans for the Obamacare debacle when not one single Republican voted for the bill?


Before Obama got in the first time I said his first priority was to produce jobs I voted for him both times and it has been a disaster, not because of him. It would have happened to anyone that got in for the simple reason it is to much for one person anymore. We need a third party and the sooner the better but they simply have not caught on yet. There is still time for Obama to become a hero and walk away with his head high. He can do it by enticing the manufacturing companies to come back to this country and recreate the jobs we lost. And believe you me that will do it.

Guardian angel

For the very kind, caring woman who saved my little dog, Annabel, on Salem Street in Bradford on Friday afternoon. I can’t thank you enough. Not everyone would have stopped, picked her up, and taken the time to call me, then carry her home and put her in my arms. She truly is a member of our family, and we would have been heartbroken if anything had happened to her. I hope you read this because I know I was so overwhelmed on Friday that I wasn’t very articulate. In truth, words cannot express how grateful we are that she had a guardian angel looking out for her!

Good deeds

Instead of constantly being critical of others, include doing some good deeds for others that may be in need. It’s therapeutic and it may change your outlook on life.